I’m looking into buying a used car but before i buy one i want to get it checked out by a mechanic. However i don’t know any mechanic’s or have any friends that are. Do i bring the car to any reputable mechanic? If the car is already inspected, do i have to re-inspect it or just wait until it expires?

Mr. Maya3D

I’m buying a used car with 57K miles from a private dealer. The end to end warranty is up, but the powertrain 100k is still there. When I get the title, does this warranty transfer over to me?

Also, what paperwork should I check for when I buy the car?



I need about $7000 and I have poor credit due to a family member screwing me over. What do I do? Can I still get liability insurance on a used car or do I have to have full coverage like a new car?
How much does insurance cost on a used vehicle? Do I HAVE to have full coverage or can I just get by with liability??


Which is the best way to finance a used car — through a bank or through a dealer? Will you get a better interest rate going directly through a bank? Will the dealer give as good of a deal if he does not get a cut on the financing?


I bought a used car and it doesnt have a registration yet.
How long do I have to wait to get it registered and get the license plates?


My wife and I need a reliable car. We could purchase an inexpensive used car outright, or we could take my in-laws’ Dodge Intrepid and put a rebuilt engine in it. It’s like a 2002 Dodge Intrepid. As far as I know, the transmission is good. But the engine ran out of oil, and it needs to be replaced.

So should we opt with putting a rebuilt engine in the Intrepid, or should we just purchase our own used car? Which would be the wiser decision? We need a reliable car that is in good mechanical shape.


I’m looking to put my car up on AutoTrader and I was wondering if anyone knew on average how long a used car takes to sell on those websites? Could I expect a buy in under two months?

A. Elise

I’m seeking to buy a new used car, possibly from a dealer. I see a promising buy that the dealer lists for $11,000 (right at KBB price). I’ve never really haggled for a car before, so assuming I do it right, what kind of price would I really be looking at for this buy? $1,000 less, or are we talking just a few hundred?

Robert A

Looking at what I should pay on used cars and suvs listed at $14000-$15000. I figure there is a lot of markup on a used car at a dealership but what would be a fair price for me to offer?


I am either looking for a used car that is only a few years old with less than 100,000 miles or maybe a cheap new car. I have no repos or bankruptcies on my record; but I have a low credit score. I’ve paid off a car before; but it’s an older, high mileage car. I make over $1500 a month which I know most dealerships require. I am not interested in DriveTime or any other rip-off companies.

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