I am buying a used car and I am wondering what are the legal rights you have when purchasing the car. Can I return it if I find something wrong? If yes, how long do I have?

Sumner Kagan

The dealer now says (after we’ve entered into the contract) that the mileage on my car was tampered with. Assuming this is true, and assuming I was not the one who did so (nor anyone associated with me did it) am I liable for breach of contract? Can the Contract be rescinded or altered? If it is true that the mileage is false, I suspect it was done before I bought the car (used when I bought it) 8 years ago.


I’m thinking of buying a used car for about $25k to $30k. If I buy – let’s say a $30k car from a dealer in Mississippi, the sales tax will be $1500 (5%). But if I buy a $30k car from a private owner, there is no sales tax of course.

My question is: Will I have to pay any additional taxes when I buy my tag if I go the private owner route?


I am wanting to do a trade in for a better used car. The way cars are priced now days there is no point buying the car brand new by the time I pay it off the car will be worse off than any used one I buy. I am not a wiz at knowing much about cars can someone please tell me a list of things to look and listen for and questions to ask.


Im trying to help somebody with buying an used car….And used cars usually need some type of repair.
What are important things i should look into before buying the car?


So I am planning to buy a used car but I know nothing about them.
I basically need help.
I am not asking my family because they never have time and aren’t very dependable.
I am learning to drive right now so I want a good reliable car.

I basically need tips.
What are things that I should ask when buying a used car?
What should I look for in a used car?
What are warning signs?

Your answers and tips will be of so much help!
Thank you!

John John

Making sure the car wasnt flooded is a MUST in my area right now.
But Also any tips on how to look for mechanical problems when buying a used car. probably 1988-1998 models


I just turned 16, and I have a $3000 budget to buy a car…
1. What do I need to look for when buying one from just an average person selling a car?
2. What do I need to look for when buying one from a used car dealership?


Please don’t say buy a new car. I know it is, but I’m comparing leasing new and buying used, certified pre owned not wheter to buy or lease a new car. Thanks.


I found several sites offering used cars from rental car companies. I want to buy a car with low miles and only one or two years old.

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