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As long as a secondhand car is sold with a written and specific warranty, it qualifies under the California Lemon Law. The car should not have been purchased for commercial purposes. As with all other applications for vehicles, the California Used Car Lemon Law only covers a secondhand car that was purchased for personal, family or household use.

Care should be taken to have the defects and inherent problems of the car established by a certified mechanic at the time of purchase. If the vehicle was bought without a warranty that covers these defects, the buyer will have a very difficult time making a case under the California Used Car Lemon Law. Unscrupulous sellers will not shy away from trying to sell a buyer a ‘lemon’ previously returned for these very defects.

California Used Car Lemon Law also applies to leased vehicles, as long as they have been leased under warranty. With all vehicles, such a warranty is not invalid once 18,000 miles of road use or 18 months since purchase have expired, if the warranty specifies a higher mileage or period.

As long as the first repair attempt took place within the specified warranty period, a leased or purchased vehicle can qualify under the California Used Car Lemon Law even after that period.

Basically, one can get a refund or complete, satisfactory repair for a secondhand purchased or leased vehicle as easily as one can for a brand-new car, as long as the used car was purchased for private, non-commercial use. Secondhand cars are not the only vehicles covered by the California Used Car Lemon Law. It applies equally to recreational vehicles (RVs), motor homes of all kinds, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles.


I recently purchased a used car that is registered in Florida. I need to transfer the title over to me and register it in Louisiana. What do i need to complete this? Does anything need to be notarized? I tried looking at the DMV’s website but they dont make it easy to figure it out. Thanks!!


I am looking to buy my first used car – my old one was a hand-me-down from my parents. I’d like to get a semi-nice car (hopefully a hybrid because I’d like to be environmentally friendly) – what should I know in order to get my car at the best price?

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There are lots of people who cannot afford to buy a car from the showroom and for these people the option of buying used cars. In fact there are several used cars being sold in your area even as you read these lines!

Terry Bolton

The common misconception about used car parts is that they are always damaged. The normal belief is: why would these parts be out of the car if there is nothing wrong with them? That is very far from the truth. Used auto parts are very affordable and selling them is a great way to make extra cash. The problem is finding parts to sell and being able to successfully sell them. However, there are several solutions to this problem.

There is a vast resource of used car part vendors online. They will usually sell parts for very cheap prices and in bulk quantities. For flea market junkies, your first trip may be to the weekend flea market. You can find many treasures at flea markets, such as vintage parts. Salvage yards are also a great place to start because the parts are often in great condition. Salvage yards make their money by purchasing the car bodies and the working parts from vehicles. Used ca part recyclers will also provide you with a great deal of vehicle parts for a very cheap price.

Once you obtain a good amount of used car parts, the next step is selling them. This process is usually the scariest for those who intend to make a small business out of selling used parts. Determination is the key. While the internet is a great place to find used things like these, it is also a wonderful place to start selling them. You will be able to start networking online and obtaining a good amount of customers. Our suggestion is that you make your own webpage with your own domain. It will seem much more professional and it is also very affordable. If you are weary about selling used car parts that are damaged, make sure you state on the site that they are damaged.

If you prefer the traditional advertising method, submit an ad in your local town’s newspaper. The best marketing strategy for newspapers is to list the least amount of information possible. This way, the prospective buyer will have to call you for more information and you can strike up a conversation. While the prospective buyer may not purchase the part after all, at least they will know you are friendly and will call you the next time they are looking for a car part.

You can advertise your used auto business offline by placing ads in the local paper. Make sure that your contact information is in every ad you send out. You can also create and distribute fliers advertising your business. In addition, you can leave your business car in most places, like restaurants, coffee shops and book stores. You can also sell used car parts to the bigger car companies. These companies usually buy used parts for cars from small dealers like you and then turn around and sell it to their customers.