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Buying a used car Chicago puts people in better control of their financial situation.

A car is a basic necessity in Chicago. A brand new car straight out of dealership is not. Not all people find great fancy in driving a sparkling Ferrari out of a showroom. Some people also look at the value loss that would incur to the money they spend in just a matter of days. The moment you drive your brand new car out of a dealership, value depreciation has happened to your coveted investment.

Car loans for Chicago used cars were not easy to come by. Now it is not the case. Loans to purchase used car Chicago are readily available with many loan companies. When you plan to purchase the used car dealership service of one of the used car Chicago lots, you also have an option to opt for an affordable loan. The loans are made available through the used car Chicago dealers.

Loans to buy a used car in Chicago also come with affordable terms. The car itself is given as security and the interest rates are down. Flexible repayment options for Chicago used car loans also should make you attracted to a good condition used vehicle.

In many cases you can get vehicles in its best condition, at a price a little more than half of its original showroom value. Used car Chicago comes from seizure of vehicles by police or even by banks. Used car Chicago can sometimes be sold out on an auction basis, where one can bid for a car for as low as $ 100. Don’t you think it is real deal looking for used car Chicago?

Prices are always a matter to look for when it comes to a used car Chicago. Sometimes a used car in Chicago can show blown up prices in paper. In reality you will be able to buy used car Chicago of same make and model for less than half of the advertised price. Whenever you look to buy used car Chicago, always go armed with exact knowledge of the prices. The advertised prices can be deceiving. Checking out actual selling prices is better option when it comes to buying a used car in Chicago.

Warranties coming with used car Chicago will look into matters of periodic repair and oil refills. It is an offer you can hardly miss. A used car in Chicago can be the best option for your teen’s first car or your daily vehicle. You need a car for daily commute and a used car Chicago serves you with that. There is nothing to worry about going for a used vehicle. The point is the car must serve you in a way it should.

It is therefore necessary to get the car thoroughly examined by a mechanic. Mechanics may be examining used cars in Chicago on a daily basis. You may not be able to spot anomalies in a used car as easily as a mechanic can. Even a minor color difference should alert you to an accident in the history of the car.


I bought a used vehicle from a Toyota Dealership in town over a month ago, but the weird thing is I still haven’t received the registration (tags) from DMV. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the car registration from the DMV when the dealership submits it? Thanks for your help!


Many is the time I’ve driven by a used car lot and seen the latest greatest new car (that you can’t even get at the new car dealership) on display prominently out front. For example, I saw it Chrysler 300 out front of a used car dealership in late 2004, before many Chrysler dealerships had one. Is this just an enticement or do they actually buy one and plan to sell it at a markup?

Louis Rix

You have finally found the used car of your dreams, it ran beautifully on the test drive and you want it. However don’t just sign on the dotted line without doing a little haggling first – it is expected!

Consider the price the dealer is asking for the car as just a starting point on which the two of you will be able to come to some amicable agreement. In fact, all dealers will be more than ready to haggle and will expect you to do so. Some might even have added a little extra onto the price knowing that you are going to try bringing it down a little, so don’t disappoint them.

Always make sure you go into the deal with all the information you need to haggle. Ensure that you have looked around at many different sources and know what price others are asking for a similar deal. The more confident and knowledgeable you sound about the car’s value, the more seriously the salesman will take you.

Never be intimidated by the dealers patter. Don’t forget that this is what they do for a living, they haggle and barter and give the same patter everyday to their customers. If the sales person says that they can offer you a “special deal” but only if you sign on the bottom line today, then take this with a pinch of salt. This is nothing more than just a tactic to get you to buy today rather than give you time to walk away and think about it.

When haggling over the price and you seem to get yourself a great deal – perhaps a deal which is too good to be true – then it could be. If this is the case then watch out for the dealer catching you with the trade-in price for your car. Many dealers will re-coup by under valuing on the price they will give for your car to make up for what they knocked off the one you are buying.


What % generally can you negotiate off of the listing price of a used car? 10%? or like even 15%? Thank you guys.
Do you think it would be helpful, in terms of negotiation, if I wait til winter to look for a car? (I’m looking to buy a convertible)