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A car is often one of the first big investments that people make. Hence it is important for the owner to protect his car well, especially from the forces of nature that are most likely to damage the car. Mostly these are weather conditions like wind, rain, sun, and dirt. There are also other things that can damage or harm a car, like bird droppings.

There are a lot of accessories available with which to protect one’s cars. One of the most basic accessories is a car cover. A car cover is an invaluable accessory that helps protect the car. It is the basic tool to protect a car from wind, dust, rain and snow. A car cover is like a second skin that covers the car completely.

There are many types of car covers available in the market. From ones that cover a car like a sleeping bag to the ones that form a small caging for the car where the car is protected inside, there are many types. These are also portable covers with a steel frame for strength.

People generally keep their cars protected inside garages. However, not all people have garages or access to them, and their cars are kept in the open. In city conditions, people living in apartment buildings often have to park their cars outside, on the pavement or next to the road. In these conditions, a car cover is a good idea.

For that matter, even inside a garage, a car needs to be protected with a car cover. It is a common belief that if one’s car is inside a garage, a car cover becomes redundant. However, even inside a garage, a car should be protected from dust, insect and other such dangers.

Car covers can be quite expensive. However, there are a lot of used car covers that are available in any automobile market and from dealers. It is important to keep the make of the car in mind since the covers are made to fit the size of the cars. The Internet has become an invaluable resource for finding cheap used car covers.


What are the differences between in house financing, and dealer financing, when buying a used car?

In house financing VS. dealer financing VS. buy here pay here?

Is there a difference between these?

If so, what are the differences?

Thanks in advance!


Does the dealer ask if you want to get it checked out or do you have to inquire? Also is there a certain time to get it checked out before the purchase? Its my first time purchasing a used car and I don’t want to look stupid at the dealership. Thanks for the help.

Theodore Olson

Used car prices are elusive, despite numerous attempts to harness them. We’ve all heard of Retail, Private Party and Trade-in values. But do these “help” in determining a vehicle’s real value?

When we turn to the web for prices, it gets even more elusive. One web site places a retail value on a car at $18,000. Another puts it at $21,000. What should we believe?

If sellers are looking to get the highest price for the car they’re selling, and the buyer wants to get the best deal possible, is there such thing as a fair used car price for both parties?

The answer is yes, but both parties have to be on the same page.

We’ll call this “page” Fair Market Value.

That being said, how do we interpret the market to determine fair market value? Since most sellers and buyers are going to try to interpret the market to his or her advantage, let’s even the playing field.

One of the most profound remarks I’ve heard to establish a better playing field for used car pricing comes from industry expert and owner of Medway Imports, Barry Roth. He states:

“To find market value, you need to take all the pricing data you find for a particular vehicle and throw out the high and low prices. What’s left in the middle is where you’ll find a fair market value.”

While this doesn’t address the used car pricing problem entirely, it does remove the unrealistic numbers that many clutch to like the drowning to a life preserver. It moves folks to more reasonable prices according to the market.

A lot of time is spent on popular web sites (for better or worse) to “help” determine used car pricing. But one should also follow and watch the market to see what cars are being advertised and sold for–if they’re being sold at all.

Visit for a host of great information on used car pricing.

Used car prices are also determined via auction pricing, and industry used car guides such as Black Book and the NADA Official Used Car Guide.

Importantly, even these books don’t settle the used car pricing debate. Here’s a publisher’s note on the inside cover of the latest NADA guide.

It states:

The vehicle values in the N.A.D.A OFFICIAL USED CAR GUIDE,