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Let’s say you’ve got your mind set on a used car that looks good to you.

Now how do you determine what the right price is for this car?

Before you reach for your wallet, make sure you learn how to put a good price on a used car. Don’t let it be completely in the hands of the owner. He’s the one selling it and he wants to get as much as possible for it!

If you consider that a new car will cost between $10,000 and $30,000, you can imagine that an old, used car must be lots and lots cheaper than that.

As soon as a new car is driven outside, it immediately loses about half of its value. If the new owner of the car were to sell it a few days later, he would realize a 50% loss of the amount he payed for the car when it was new.

This is one of the reasons why people will hang on to their new cars for at least a few years.

Once the car is a few years old, most people will have saved up some money and they will be ready to move on to a new car.

This is the point where the car’s price comes down to about one third of its value when it was still a new car.

So when buying a used car, first figure out what the price of the car was when it was still in the showroom. Then, assuming the car is at least five years old, the price that the owners asks for it should not exceed 30% of what was paid for it originally.

When cars are around ten years old, it is realistic to expect that it costs about 15% to 20% of its original value.

Any car considerably older than ten years has more than likely seen enough wear and tear that it really is not worth much more than $1500 to $2000 at the very most.

Any car whose age is approaching two decades should not even be considered as a valid option.

When it comes to the age of a car, the sweet spot is five to ten years. If you stick to that guideline, you’re more likely to buy a car that’s in decent shape for a decent price.

You’ll have good price/value that way!

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Are you looking to buy a used car? If so, you will likely turn to the internet. When it comes to buying an affordably priced used car, the internet is a great resource. Speaking of those resources, what can or should you use? Most car buyers either use Craigslist.org or car finding websites. Which approach is the best? Continue reading on to find out.

If you didn’t already know, car finding websites are websites that help you find cars for sales. They may allow car buyers to submit their advertisements for display or they may pull listings from other websites. Most car finding websites operate on a national or statewide basis. This means you may find thousands of vehicles listed for sale, but you should be able to enter in your zip code to narrow down the search.

On the other hand, Craigslist.org is an online classified website. It is mostly used to connect local buyers and sellers, but national or statewide transactions happen too. When you use Craigslist to buy a used car, you aren’t dealing with a third-party. It is the car owner who posts for the for sale listing on Craigslist. If you are interested in buying the car, use the telephone number or email address provided for more information. Unlike many car buying websites, there are no hoops to jump through in order to get into contact with the seller.

For most vehicle buyers, Craigslist.org is one of the best ways to find, compare, and research used vehicles for sale. With that said, you may run into a few problems with your search. Craigslist only allows interested buyers to search one city page at a time. This poses a problem if you are willing to drive to get a good deal or if you live in between multiple cites listed. Unless you download a car Craigslist finder, otherwise known as a search tool, it could take you hours to search or browse through all for sale vehicles. Although a car Craigslist finder search tool is not required, there are benefits to downloading and using one.

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Im looking to buy my first car and little by little modify it to use for drifting.Im looking to spend 5-10k on a used car.Would anyone have any good advice or can point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Saurabh K Jain

As a worthy consumer you should know the used car loan value if you are just about to avail a car loan. Taking the condition of the economy into account even a used car appears to be high priced merchandise. With such circumstances people are aiming at getting better deals in car loans.

A new automobile could cost about 21,000 dollars or more. That is quite pricey even in the best of times. And what about the times when financial conditions are tight? If you are thinking about trying to manage the funds putting in all the investments, is it really worth it? The Auto Affordability Index composed by Comerica Bank based in Detroit acknowledged in their report that it takes 19.9 weeks of a median family’s income to clear only taxes to pay money for a car. Such prices bring the many available loan options before eyes. Also millions of cars come off lease every year leaving loads of options open. So you have plenty of time to determine the used car loan value.

Whether old or new, cars are investments. Most lenders provide (financing car loans) finance for the loan value rather than the automobile which is generally lower than the price of the car. The loan value is quite similar for both used and new cars but if you are not aware of the car’s value then you might not be able to get hold of the best possible loan.

Down Payments And Car Loan Value:

If you are wondering about the down payment then take the purchase price and subtract the used car loan value, you will come to a conclusion on it.

If you know the loan value of the car then you can come up with the approximate amount of money you would need for the payments. If you have bought the car for 5000 dollars and the loan value is about 4000 dollars then you would be discussing about the down payment of 1000 dollars with the caterers. By doing the loan value calculation, you won’t go out of your budget.

Look into the price quotes from different agencies and analyze the rates. Now you can negotiate for low interest car loans. There are many online portals of banks, financial agencies and institutions and you can also apply for a loan online. A car loan rate calculator on some portals will give you an idea of how much you should pay for your monthly installments.

By working out a used car loan value you will save yourself from surprises and take the smooth side of the road.


I need a serious answer .
You are in the house and the car is in the garage. You start up the car and close the garage door shut, the garage does have the little small spot for air. Can you die or suffer intoxication (or how that’s call) from the CO2 that the car release while you are in the house ???
I don’t think so but my mom kept arguing with me and open the garage door ~_~. Unless you are deathtrap or something. I don’t want to but it is winter and it’s so cold to leave it open >< .

Calvin Anderson

If you intend to become a used car dealer, then your shopping spree should be done at auto auctions of used car dealers. You need to be able to get great deals on your car purchases, and you need to have a good eye when looking at used cars during auto auctions. If you are new at the trade, then it is best to ask the opinion of experts or get someone to help you. You can start on a small-scale buy-and-sell business and expand later on as a used cars dealer. As a used cars dealer, you need to be able to determine what type of problems the car has and whether it can be fixed or not as well as its resell potential. Get to know the car’s history especially the highlights of the car’s models.

Here are some things you can do when choosing a car at an auto auction.

Checking the Cars

One aspect of getting used cars is that you do not have to deal with any of their existing problems. If the auction dealer says that the car might need work, then ask for the service papers. Check the basics before you even think about getting the car.
Check the wear on the tires, if you find it uneven, then there could be an alignment issue. If the oil is very dark and discolored, then it is no good, the engine could be seriously damaged. If possible, ask the dealer if you could take the car for a spin. Most dealers allow their cars to be driven for about 15 minutes. Another thing that you can do when getting used cars is to check for the car history. Get a vehicle history report based on the VIN number of the car. This is found on the dashboard under the driver’s window side of the vehicle. If possible, try to negotiate. If you are not feeling confident yet, get the help of an expert to do the negotiating for you.

If you have done your research you will have a good idea on the actual price of the car and the markup that the car auctions dealer is giving it. If you want, you can get in touch with an auto auctions broker to help you while you are starting out. They can do all the negations for you so that you won’t be overwhelmed with it.


In the market for a new car, wondering your opinions of the most comfortable cars in terms of size but also comfort. I always liked my grandparents cars, always owned buicks, lincolns, caddies, etc with the couch like seats. What is a late model car that most closely resembles that? Also, do they still make bench seats in cars? I think inmpala did up until a year or two ago but any others?


Im 17 yrs old, and about to move out.. My mother is not to happy with this so she is keeping my car. Now I have to buy my own car and pay the insurance as well, what kind of cars should I start looking at? Used of course, but what types of cars would be cheapest to insure?

Cat Tobin

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. Sure, there are inherent risks associated with buying a used car that don’t necessarily apply to new ones. However, with the right information at your fingertips, buying a used car can be an empowering experience. Knowing how to inspect a used car will allow you to make the best the decision possible.

Here are some things you should take into consideration when inspecting any used car:

Exterior Inspection

The first thing to take into consideration when inspecting the exterior of a used car is the condition of the paint. The paint should be even over the entire body of the car. Any areas that show visibly newer paint might be an indication of repair work from an accident, which could mean trouble. There also shouldn’t be any rust visible on the exterior of the car.

You should also make certain that the car is level during the exterior inspection. If the car appears to sag to one side, this could be an indication of frame or spring damage. Also check to see that the tires are in good condition and well inflated.

Next, you should check that all the lights are in working order and have no damage. Don’t forget to check the blinkers and tail lights as well.

Finally, don’t neglect to inspect the condition of other exterior parts, such as the disc brakes, mirrors, glass, wheel rims, etc.

Interior Inspection

When you start your inspection of the interior of the car, first take notice of any odors in the car. As unpleasant odors can be difficult to remove, make sure the smell of the car is something you can live with.

Next, take into consideration how well the interior of the car has been kept up. If the previous owner took pride in keeping a clean car, chances are they kept up with any mechanical problems the car may have had. Take notice of any tears or stains in the upholstery, leather, or carpet. Don’t forget to check the condition of the pedal rubber as well.

Finally, you should check all mechanical controls as part of your interior inspection. Make sure that all the seat, window, mirror, radio, windshield wiper, and seatbelt controls are in working order. Don’t forget to turn on the air conditioner and heat to make sure they are working as well.

Inspecting The Trunk
The trunk is usually the most neglected part of any car. Therefore, it is very important that you inspect the condition of the trunk of any used car you are considering for purchase. There should be no signs of rust or water accumulation due to holes or cracks.

Checking Under The Hood

Even if you have no idea how the wiring, fluids, belts, hoses, battery, or radiator of a car works, you should still be able to check for any signs of damage, rust, or dents. If you have any reservations, you can always have a mechanic give you a thorough mechanical inspection.

If everything looks good, you should then take the car for a test drive. This is the most important inspection you will make of the used car. Pay close attention to how the car handles the road and how it sounds. You should feel safe and comfortable in the car. If the car is making any unusual noises that have you concerned, go with your instinct and start looking for another used car. There are thousands of options out there, be persistent and you will find the one that is right for you and your budget.

Buck Johnson

If you are buying a car whether it is new or used than you need to consider the overall cost of ownership of the car. When you are considering buying a used car than a warranty for the car will be a major consideration this is why you want to get pricing and details on a car used warranty.

A used car can save you great deal of money over getting a brand new car and you do not have to worry about the depreciation of the car because the major depreciation will take place in the first two years. Unfortunately, the older the car is the more expensive the overall cost of ownership for the car will be. You can expect there to be breakdowns and mechanical problems as the car gets older. This can be where a car used warranty can come in handy.

A car used warranty can protect you from breakdowns and repairs that may come up unexpectedly. How a warranty works is that you take the car to the mechanic and they diagnose the problem and they call the warranty company and let them know the repairs that need to take place. The warranty company will approve the repairs and you will only be responsible for the deductible.

Getting the best price and the best coverage for you warranty is really the only research that you need to do. You can opt to go with the manufacturers extended warranty or you can get a third party extended warranty. The pricing will be different and typically you can get a better deal with a third party warranty but you need to make sure that all of the parts and components are covered that you feel may be a major expense.

The first step to getting a car used warranty is to shop around and get several quotes. Once you have the quotes in hand you can do a comparison of the cost and the coverage’s. When you get a quote you are not obligated to purchase so if you feel you may need a warranty it is a good idea to get several quotes to get the best deal.

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