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My insurance company said they need the car title before they can give me insurance on the car. This doesn’t make any sense, the dealer say they cannot hold on to the car once it’s bought because it’s not their responsbility anymore. But I need to buy the car to get the title and the title won’t be processed for 1-2 weeks. So once I buy the car I need to take it home but that means driving without insurance, what’s going on here is it okay?


I have a 1996 Grand Am SE, whenever I go to start the car up, there is like a rattling noise under the hood, it sounds kind of like something is trying to start up..I have no idea what it could be. Any ideas on what could be wrong? The noise only lasts a couple seconds, once the car is started up, it runs perfectly fine.

Andrew Kosinski

One bone of contention with car leasing is that you have to pay a car lease tax, even with used car leasing. This tax can be a bit high, depending where you are, and usually falls within five to 15 percent. Naturally, the higher the cost of the vehicle – the higher the cost in taxes you are going to pay. So, how can you keep costs down?

Get A Used Car
With a used car, you are going to be paying less for your taxes as a result. As for how to lease a used car, it is the same as leasing a new car but with less costs. Used cars usually have more favorable contract conditions as well, and if this is your first car, it is a good bet to go with a used car.

Pay Less Up Front
If you can, try and get zero down leases. That way, you won’t have to pay that in addition to the car lease tax with used car leasing. There are many companies that offer no money down on their car leases, so it is important you make the effort to find them.

Other Options
Here are some other options you have to get great lease deals on cars that will lower how much you pay for taxes.

* Get smaller length terms on your lease
* Negotiate options for lower tax costs with the dealership
* Negotiate lower monthly payments for lower tax costs

These three options can help you with your lease tax problems, especially when you are looking at used car leasing.


Long story short, my mother financed a car with my now ex-boyfriend. His father has the car now and has not yet paid registration and is generally late on the car payments. Since the guy is no longer my boyfriend, my mother and I are completely fed up with the unreliability and we don’t want the car for ourselves. Basically, what is the easiest way to turn in a car to a credit company with as little hassle as possible? How will it affect the credit of the parties, too, if you may know? Thank you!

Eric Morris

Consumers may know how to choose the best car deal but may not be able to get the car due to financial constraints. Remember that car dealerships offer used car financing for customers with good credit standing. It is, therefore, very important to know the ins and outs of used car financing and the financing deals that car dealers offer. Failure to be aware of how used car financing works may only render customers at a losing end since they might end up accepting and paying for deals which are beyond their budget.

Used car financing, just as buying the best used car to fit your demands, also requires serious searching, comparing and deciding. Being aware of the present range of interest rates from different car dealerships and also knowing how much to borrow, the monthly payment that can be afforded for the car and for how long the consumer intends to pay for the car are vital before even signing a financing contract.

Another fact to consider is that majority of used cars are financed, hence, shopping for the best finance terms is necessary to make the most of the time, effort and money you put into it. Car dealerships furnish contracts which the buyer must completely understand before even signing it. S/he must also be sure that no spaces are left blank that car dealerships may easily fill-in later on. If there are parts of the contract that may seem unclear, buyers must not be afraid to clarify these parts or ask questions regarding the contract and its terms as well. Understanding the contract as well as your ability to properly respond to the conditions of the contract is vital in assuring that you are getting your money’s worth.

Annual Percentage Rates (APR) are used by buyers and finance managers alike to compare the cost of loans. It is probably the most standard way of discussing interest rates and which can be found in financing contracts when buying used cars. Aside from the APR, used car financing contracts must also include the amount to be financed by the car dealership or the total sum of scheduled payments plus the down payment made by the buyer. Finance contracts also include how much more does buying the car in credit entail over buying the car in cash. Car loans actually use the car itself as its collateral, which means that the car dealer keeps the car title until the loan is paid for in full. Hence, not being able to pay for the monthly bills can have the legal ramification of repossession of the car by the dealership.


Im 16 and about to buy a car in 2 months, im graduating and going to college in california and i live near georgia so im not to close. so i need a car thats good for traveling, im looking into buying a car like a jeep grand cherokee or something that size but a smaller car would do to. any suggestions?

Puer V

We’re heading to Trabzon tomorrow, and we want to rent a car to drive around the area for a week. We can’t decide between getting a smaller car for the better milage, like a Renault Clio, or rather a larger car for the safety and visibility, like a Renault Kangoo.

Can anyone offer any advice or opinion about driving in the area? Is it so mountainous that a larger car is necessary? Or should we be able to get by with a smaller one and save on gas?

Dennis J James

No matter if you want to sell your car, or you just want to make an old car look like new, two words are what you are looking for: car detailing.

Car detailing is in the same time a strategy and an activity to make a used car look brand new. There is a lot of work to be done and this works grows as the state in which the initial car is gets worse, but the final satisfaction and the admiration of your friends is surely worth it. Especially if you want to sell an old car you should take care of some details that have deteriorated in time.

Nothing is made to last forever and when using a car day by day, of course some elements will wear out. It is the purpose of car detailing to make these worn elements look as if they have been just bought. If the car looks its age and it is in a bad shape, it definitely would not be attractive to potential buyers no matter what model it is if the overall physical and exterior appearance is not very appealing.

Before you start any car detailing activity on your car, you will need to evaluate it first. When it comes to giving an old car a new look, its paint is the first exterior element to deal with. The car’s paint is its protective shield against all sorts of external factors and in time all sorts of scratches can appear. Because the exterior of the used car is the first recognizable and seen part of the vehicle, the first purpose of car detailing is to make the paint look as new. This can be done with a good spray painting.

The second car detailing procedure should be the wheel and tire evaluation. Wheels of old cars usually suffer from black stains caused by the accumulation of tar from brake dust, from parts that have been damaged while the car was running or other negative elements. The car’s tires require tire sheen and special preparation to make them look brand new.

After dealing with the car’s exterior, it is time to deal with the car’s interior. This is usually where things can get complicated, as there is a relative small amount of space to work in and the damage in these areas can be quite significant. It all depends on how the old car has been treated and maintained. Any car’s interior is a general indication of how the car has been used and taken care of the user and if you want to earn good money from selling the car, car detailing should always set it as a primary goal, to make the interior look very good.

There are several tips you can take into consideration and dealing with car detailing the car’s interior. If you want your work to be successful, make sure the car is in a share, preferably a cool garage because the majority car detailing products, such as the paint and the wax treatment do not work well when applied to hot surfaces.

Before you start conditioning the car’s interior and exterior, make sure that all the surfaces are very well cleaned, as paint and other treatments work best on very clean, smooth areas. After you have cleaned the exterior, you should use detailing towel, brush or spray to wipe away excess wax on the cars exterior.

In the end, remember that only with patience and a lot of work you can make any car look like new.

Mabia Williams

A great used car can end up costing a little bit more than someone is comfortable with paying for in cash, which in turn leads to the needing used car financing in order to help make the car more affordable. There are a few different things that you should be keeping in mind when you are looking for used car loans which will make the process much simpler, which will in turn result in a better used auto loan in the long term. Having something like just a single point of difference in an interest rate very well may not seem like a huge deal in the rush of signing the paperwork on your car, but that alone could very well mean a huge savings or a huge increase in the costs over the lifetime of the vehicle which makes it worth it to find yourself the best possible used car loan rates.

Before shopping for financing for used car, it is always best that you start by sitting down and figuring out exactly how much you are going to be able to afford. Potential buyers need to take into consideration that in addition to your monthly payments, you vehicle will also need to be insured, and the vehicle will also need gas as well as periodic maintenance. All of these different costs can and will add up, so it is critical to put them within your monthly budget in order to avoid any surprises or a loan that is more then you are able to handle.

While putting together your considerations for a loan, it will be of great help for you to use a used car loan calculator in order to give yourself an idea of how things such as the amount of a loan, the length of a loan, and the interest rate can change how your monthly payments are worked out as well as the total cost of this loan over its lifetime. As a general rule of thumb, loans that have shorter terms are more beneficial, because you will end up paying less in interest, and the lower the interest rate that you have, the less costly the used auto loan will end up being.

Once you are able to determine some sort of an optimal price range, you should then be able to begin approaching financial lenders for used car loans. Credit Unions are often a great source for used car financing, since they offer low interest rates to their members, but it pays for you to shop around to help give you a better idea of the rates offered by several financial lenders. You should always be fully aware that the quoted rates usually reflect an “ideal buyer” with a great credit score, and people that happen to have lower credit scores may be unable qualify for those rates. Rates can also change depending on how old the car is, which another thing to take into consideration.

It is also very possible for you to get used car financing online instead through financial lenders that are not locally based, even though the service on this used auto loans will be just as good. In order for you to avoid any negative impact on your credit scores, you should first shop around without actually applying for any loans, and ask only one or two financial lenders which appear to have good rates and terms for you on a used car loan.

One last thing that you should definitely try and avoid with used car financing is doing it through a car dealership. Dealers could have working relationships with local financial lenders, but these relationships will unfortunately often involve some sort of kickbacks to the dealers for sending loans to particular financial lenders, and the customer unfortunately will usually end up paying those kickbacks. It is better to get pre-approved for a car loan from a financial lender of your choice, rather than select a dealer to identify the particular car to buy.

Even if you happen to be in a position where you currently maintain not so great credit, there are a variety of different solutions out there that can benefit you. Not only will these bad credit solutions be capable of landing you in the vehicle that you desire, but it will also enable you to begin the road of credit recovery in order to get you back on the right track. Best of all these solutions are online based, and it is extremely simple for you to research the best interest rates and terms and conditions from a multitude of lenders so that you can be certain that you are getting the best possible solution for your own unique financial situation.

Altaf Sahibzada

It can be a nightmare, especially if one has a budget.

Why one should buy a used car? Obviously because one cannot afford to buy a new car. Buying either a used or a new car is complicated because of the wide variety of automobiles and models in the market. If one has a fixed budget, it may be hard to get a car of one’s choice.

Generally the factors that should be considered while buying a car are the price, the make and model of the car, the condition, the mileage, repairs required, safety and emission testing etc. There could be many other factors that one has to consider while purchasing a car.

A used car can be purchased from a used car dealer, directly from car owners, from brokers or from government sources. There are many seized cars available from public agencies as well.

There are some varieties of cars which are in high demand. This is especially so with some Japanese cars. These cars are in high demand and have a good resale value.

In fact resale value should have a higher weightage while buying a second car. This is because if one does not like a previously owned car, one should be able to resell it without much loss of value.

One has to be careful while buying an old car. One should know a little bit of mechanics also. The usual things that one should check are the type of transmission, the engine size, mileage, condition of the body, tires, exhaust system, alignment, condition of seats, availability of air conditioning, air bags, power locks, power seats etc.

It is hard to find a vehicle that matches all the desired features. And when there is a tight budget as well, there is usually a chance of give and take.

Obviously, price is one of the main factors. One has to compare prices of the same vehicle at different places. Generally cars offered for sale by owners will be cheaper than those being sold by car dealers.

The sources of used autos are newspapers, auto magazines, Ebay, other online websites, posters, used car dealers, friends and colleagues, TV, radio, liquidators, car mechanics etc.

While buying, one should be careful because this is an unregulated market, with no warranties, lack of full details about a car, blind spots etc. One may find a gem some time and may also get a junk.

Many times it may be better to buy a car through a used auto dealer because the dealer may take the responsibility, may be more open and professional, may reveal more, may be more cautious, and provide complete service. All this depends upon the level of comfort that one will have while buying an older vehicle.

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