Patrick James Murphy

We all love a bargain. We like hearing about people who have saved a stack, beaten the odds and scored where others have failed. Add to this the invariable small extension to the truth and the legend of the ‘Bargain’ grows with each telling. A closer look at the ‘Bargain’ can often show the line between ‘great deal’ and ‘expensive mistake’ to be closer than often admitted. This is particularly prevalent when buying a second-hand car and especially from used car websites.

The total integration of the information highway, that is the internet, into our everyday lives, allows use to peruse any aspect of intrigue or information that tickles our fancy. When it comes to buying a second-hand car many will sit down and trawl the myriad of pages available on a used car website. As eyes scan digitised photographs of glossy used cars, the presumption is often one of ‘Better than at Home’ combined to better spec. And so the sting can be set.

Very often we are totally sold on what we see and what we read. Add to this the factor of ‘Faraway hills being green’ and we can easily set ourselves up for a fall. Not forgetting that an unscrupulous seller often knows that complaints from abroad can be effectively ignored without any recourse. The old adage Buyer Beware is particularly relevant when referring to second hand cars advertised on a used car website where their origin and history can be easily camouflaged.

Returning to the seller with a faulty purchase is often a miserable and unrewarding experience. Buying from used car websites, where the outlay and potential loss is substantial, is therefore a transaction that must be clearly researched prior to the handing over of hard cash. Buyers must check out the bone fides of any site that purports to put them into car of their dreams at a price they can’t pass.

A short chat with a member of any Police Stolen Car Unit will convince even the most enthusiastic to take special care when buying from a used car website. Prior checks on who operates the site: who advertises on it: what the integrity of those selling is: what checks are in place on the sellers? And very importantly, have they got protocols in place when the buyer has a legitimate issue with their purchase?

Buying from a used car website through an established dealer, preferably one affiliated to a recognised body, will provide buyers with an umbrella of safety they cannot expect to get elsewhere. The cheapest being the dearest in the long term is a conversation buyers can avoid having by buying with a long time view as distinct from short time gain.


I am shopping for a used car and will go inspect one later today. I am not the most knowledgeable person on cars so what are some key questions to ask to make sure the car is a good deal?

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I am looking for opinions from people nationwide on what would bring them in to a used car lot to purchase a car?? What get’s your attention? What are you looking for? What would be your ideal experience?


Buying used cars is a great option when your budget does not allow the high cost involved in purchasing new cars. Used car auto loans can turn out to be the best option when you are buying a used car. Used cars are generally available at affordable prices, and with better technology and regular maintenance, used cars prove to be as good as new ones.

Factors Influencing Used Car Auto Loans

Amount borrowed: The amount borrowed through the loan should already have been calculated into your budget, and it should not exceed this amount. Going over-budget can lead to lower credit ratings. When buying used cars, it is better to look up a variety of options.

Interest rate: Used car loans generally have a high interest rate, but you can avoid burning a hole in your pocket by looking for the best deal possible. Some lenders tend to deal with people with poor credit, but they make up for it through the interest charges over the term of the loan.

Credit rating: Your credit score influences the interest rate and the amount you can borrow in a big way. It is advisable to increase your credit rating before you look for loans. Even small fractions will make difference in the overall payment.

Length of the loan:Although long term loans look attractive due to the lower monthly payments, you will actually spend more because of the interest over a longer period of time.

Pre-approval: Having pre-approval for a car loan puts you on a better standing, as you then have an idea of your purchasing power. You can then bargain the terms when you find a used car of your choice.

Used Car Auto Loans: Tips to secure the best loans

Find an affordable car: Before you contact anyone for loans, make sure that you have chosen an affordable car and have not gone overboard with your choice. You can check using loan calculators on the web, and find out what would be the payments for the respective terms.

Save enough for a considerable down payment: The more you save for a down payment the easier it will be for the loan to get approved and also lower the payments.

Find financers who deal specifically in used car auto loans: Find and collect information on at least five such financers who specialize in financing used car loans.

If you need to buy a car but cannot afford to buy one, or if you are in need of financing and looking for an auto loan but do not have the credit score or resources to secure an auto loan, then can help you find a suitable solution. Visit for more information.

Luke Duncan

Thinking about buying a car but don’t want to pay a lot? Then instead of looking at the new ones at the dealership, ask to see the used ones. Contrary to popular belief used cars are just as good, and reliable as a new car. They also don’t cost as much.

People tend to have a fear of used vehicles due to stories of being unreliable. Most of these stories are due to the fact that people don’t take care of the car in the first place. The performance of any mode of transport is dependent on the operator. By taking care of the basic maintenance most cars will operate for a long time without problems.

You need to do some research however before you go buying a used car. Checking to see if it was in a natural disaster is a good first step. Then checking to see if it’s had any structural damage is the next. After that you check if it needs any major repair work. If everything comes back good then you can buy.

Remember to take care of your used car after you buy it. Cars like people need checkups every once in a while. Make sure to get your oil changed every 3000 miles or so, and to get your tires rotated and balanced around 9000. After that ask you mechanic to make sure all your belts are tight, and in good condition. Having the fluids checked as well couldn’t hurt.

New cars require this amount of work as well, just not as often at first because they are brand new. Just because the dealership says it’s in good condition though doesn’t mean you should always take their word for it. After all is said and done it is your job to keep your vehicle fit enough to be on the road.

Buying a used car from a person is another option. Although this option has more risk involved. If you do not know the person there’s a chance the car could be stolen property. It’s always a good idea to be thorough and get a history report, and check with law enforcement to make sure your not buying stolen goods.

To wrap things up used cars are not evil like most people think. If properly taken care of they can last a long time. All you have to do to keep it in good shape is take care of it. Also if the check engine light comes on: don’t ignore it, it’s probably on for a reason.

Laura R. Pinckney

Everyone want to get a affordable used automobile at a superb condition, but before doing so there are a great deal of things to think about. 1st and basic thing is to ensure that if the car maybe used for lengthy travels every day, all of the members of the household, as the needs and requirements differ from person to individual.

Once the employed automobile selected fulfills the requirements, the search is further much more narrowed down to the category of the car like the features, colors and brands. If the individual is not quite choosy, he will wind up buying a low-cost used auto easily, but if he is choosy it may put aside time to get such a auto. The safety and reliability features should not be overlooked at any cost as the safety of the individual and likewise the entire family is at risk. It is excellent to determine the safety aspect in an assortment of ways and with varied collision circumstances before buying a cheap utilized auto.

Once all the requirements of the individual get fulfilled in selecting a inexpensive used vehicle, the next crucial aspect to be seen if it’s in an excellent working condition, this aspect just isn’t checked it can cost a lot more on repairs and repairs. You can find certain strategies to determine the good quality of the auto. The used car may be checked with the assist of the vehicle’s history or a personal inspection of vehicle to see if any of the parts are damaged, if it had been repainted, if it has any bend or corrosion, if the lubricating oil is in an excellent condition, if there is a blown gasket, wear and tear of all the tires etc. The essential things the individual buying a used auto has to check 1 if the car he is buying has met with any type of accidents or if the vehicle is reported as stolen, all of the particulars about the previous owner, if the mileage is rolled back or not etc.

Cheap employed cars purchasing sources:

Low-cost utilized cars in good condition may well be bought from car dealers who sell employed cars or from government auctions or from police used car auctions etc. People who get new cars dispose their old ones with the auto dealers and these auto dealers successively sell the old utilized cars to individuals who are attempting to discover inexpensive utilized cars. Just before purchasing cars from the brokers it’s excellent to analysis just a small amount bit on the auto values and provides so that the cars may be purchase at a fairly less expensive cost.

Some individuals get cars utilizing vehicle loans and for some reasons do not continue paying on the right time. The finance companies repossess the cars for the money over due from persons, who got the loan. In such instances, the automobile could even be a new one. This might be utilized by the person who is looking for cheap and excellent used cars. Some may even choose utilized police cars, as they could be in quite excellent condition.