I can pay for a used car with cash or I can elect to get a loan and just pay it off in full before the loan term, assuming no pre-payment penalty. What should I do? Thanks!

Dominic Ferrara

Nada Used Car Values are actually pretty easy to find. You have to know the make and model of the car you want to purchase or sell and what the year of the car is. You always have to keep in mind where you are selling or buying the car because the prices varry from state to state. One of the best places to go for NADA information is to visit them online.

Before you walk into any new car dealership, you need to do your homework. You need to determine the type of car that best fits your wants, your needs and your wallet. offers a complete New Car Information Center to help you choose the best car for you including a side-by-side comparisons to help you compare up to four different vehicles which is a convenient alternative to visiting a variety of different manufacturer’s websites. In addition, you can do some research on safety information, read reviews, and build and price vehicles by choosing the model, colors, make and options that interest you most. You can also take a look at the New Car Center which allows you to research virtually every aspect of every new vehicle available on the market.

The NADA is also a very useful book that can be bought at any bookstore. Just look for a little yellow book or ask the person at the desk to help you find it. If you’re out of money you can also find it in any public library.

When buying a new or used car is so very important to do your homework in advance. The NADA Used Car Values and the Kelly Blue Book provide to great sources of information to help you get the best deal possible. Also, please don’t forget as they are also a very good source for information. Do your research and print out the pricing reports and bring those with you to the car dealserhip to save the maximum amount of money and time.

Cole Rees

No matter if it is a first time purchase for a young person who has recently graduated from high school and is heading off to university, a second family car or a replacement vehicle due to an accident, there are many options that vary greatly when it comes to new and used car buying. There is not time or space to cover every single difference between the purchase of a new car or used one but there are some buying options that can make the difference between whether the decision is for a brand new car that has not been previously owned or driven or a used car that has had a previous owner but is still in good condition.

A new car is often the preference for the benefit of a make and model that is sparkling fresh and belonging to no one previously. Purchasing a new vehicle means getting all of the bells and whistles that this latest model includes along with the factory and dealer warranties that are include. Contrasting to a used car, however, a new car purchase carries a higher price tag the majority of the time. In other words, while a new car will make you the talk of the town and the envy of your neighbours, it will also take a bite out of your bank balance for a long time to come.

Used car buying options are not without advantages though, for those who do not want to make the long term commitment to the expense of a new car, take note: Many used cars on the market are still very new and still have warranties and service maintenance plans that will cover them for a certain number of miles after the purchase. Price is usually the main feature that is beneficial for purchasing a used car rather than buying a new car off the assembly line. Used cars also offer a wider range as many people turn in a vehicle to purchase a new one every year with many being in near new condition.

The best way to make an adequate comparison of new and used car buying options is to start with your preferences of what you want and need in a car. Next weigh the pros and cons of both new and used car buying choices. Finally consider your budget; knowing how much you can afford may make the difference between buying a used car or a new one.

Save money by purchasing used cars at car dealerships where you could get a lot of money off the cost of your next car as well as servicing and guarantees against any problems or damage that may arise.

Moa T.

Does anyone know what song is used on the 2010 Cadillac SRX commercial?
The commercial is a Cross-over ad with a silver SUV-type car, driving along a twisty road at night.
A catchy tune is playing in the background, and I’d like to know what song that is.
Could anyone please tell me what song that is?

Veronica Scott

Consumers are constantly met with a slew of choices when they approach the automobile industry from any angle. Online, in dealerships, and even in the paper, new and used automobiles are available in almost every imaginable condition. The first decision that every car buyer must make is whether or not to invest in a new car or in a used car. Once this decision is made, buyers can continue along their journey toward vehicular Zen.

A very popular choice amongst consumers is to purchase a used car that is in great condition. Because the automobile industry is constantly releasing new models, cars that are in wonderful shape are turned in every day by owners who want to level up to the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. These cars are gems, as they present all the value for only a portion of the cost. So, you have made the decision to forge ahead in your search for a used car. Where do you start? The best place to start is your computer. Before heading out the door and visiting your local car dealerships, you should get an idea of the kinds of vehicles you are interested in looking at .

1. Choose the kind of car you want. This decision should be based heavily on how you will use the vehicle. If you will primarily be traveling with kids, a sedan, sport utility vehicle, or minivan may be the best option, depending on how large your family is and how much gear they tend to bring along. If you are looking for a work vehicle, a compact car or a truck might be suitable, depending on the nature of your profession.

2. Establish a budget. Looking at cars without first knowing the absolute most you can spend can be very dangerous. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a vehicle only to find out that you cannot afford it. After fixing your budget, make a commitment to only look at cars that are realistically priced. If you are shopping with a partner, both of you must pledge to stay focused and only look at cars that fall within your price range.

3. Pick your favorite brands. Car brands can be a hot topic, as many people swear by the reliability of a Honda and others are dedicated to purchasing only those that are American made. If you have preferences go ahead and explore the options that your favorite companies offer. This will help you narrow down the playing field and figure out what models might work for you.

4. Visit a dealership. After utilizing Internet resources to determine what features you must have, and which you can do without, visit your local dealership to see what they have to offer. When looking for a used car it will probably be best to call ahead to see if they have what you want.

5. Make the purchase! After diligently searching for the perfect used car go ahead and make the purchase when you find it. If you follow these steps you will be able to find a used vehicle that meets all of your needs and keeps your payments within the budget you have set.

Veronica Scott

Odds are that you are not going to get every feature you want on your next car. To be sure, every driver would love the luxury that comes with high-end vehicles, but certainly a majority of drivers cannot afford to pay for those kinds of lavish features. For most consumers, the name of the game is affordability and, more often than not, a used car is the way to go if you wish to keep financially afloat. When searching for your next vehicle, it is important to keep in mind that used cars have a lot to offer, but also that there are some features that will have to be sacrificed to keep within a strict budget. An issue may occur when deciding which features are necessary and which you can do without. By paying close attention to the following tips, you can determine what you really need in your next vehicle and can focus your used car search on automobiles that present all of the necessities. Narrowing your search will allow you to spend less time looking at cars you have no intention of purchasing and more time negotiating a sale.

• Consider aesthetics. Sure, you want your car to look good, but if two cars are identical, except for their price and their color, is it really worth it to pay extra for the blue car? You want your vehicle to represent you, to be a reflection of your personality, but surely you like more colors that just blue. Besides, people will be expecting your trademark hue, so if it comes down to color, make sure that you know how open minded you are and if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace a new aesthetic. If you are willing to consider different colors, body styles, and interiors, you will find that the options available to you will multiply.

• Know the purpose of your next vehicle. Obviously, your next car should be a helpful tool– not just something that looks good in the driveway. If you have kids, odds are you will not be looking for a sports car. Similarly, if you own a construction company and need a new corporate ride, a sedan is probably not the way to go. Remember that when buying a used car you will have to deal with the selection at hand, but it is not worth sacrificing the functionality of your vehicle. Just because a great deal is out there does not mean you have to buy it.

• Pay attention to features. Everyone would love cruise control, satellite radio, and a navigation system, but these luxury features add to the price of the car and, to top it off, you may not even use them. Before even looking for a used car make sure you know what features you absolutely need and which ones you can do without. Unless you have a money tree in your backyard, chances are that you have to be conscious of how much you pay for your next car.

When dealing with used cars it may be necessary to sacrifice some of the features you have been daydreaming about– but do not do so unless you absolutely do not need them. Paying a little more for a car you love, and getting great use out of, is better than paying less and finding yourself missing the features that you need.

Mr. Maya3D

I’m thinking about buying this car from a second owner and when I did a carfax, it said this:

Title issued or updated
Duplicate title issued

Should I be worried about a duplicate copy of the title? If I buy a used car, should I get two titles? I’m new to this whole car thing and imagined buying a car, getting a title and then having some guy show up saying he has a title too and that I’m driving his car.


Meena Singh Shah

Used car classifieds are planned to connect people who are looking to purchase the used car with the people who are going to sell their used cars. If one needs to sell a used car, he can create free used car classifieds on many websites to offer his car for sale to people throughout India. By browsing used car classifieds online, one can find great deals on used cars to fit his needs and budget.

The comprehensive database of car classified listings makes it easy to compare models and prices, view specs, or learn more about each pre owned car. This can save a lot of time and effort. There is a wide range of models, brands and colors available for the purchaser to buy a used car. We can often find great bargains by researching used cars classifieds online.

Online classifieds provide plenty of details about the condition and features of each car for sale, maintenance records, driving history, recent repairs, and anything else that may increase its value or generate interest. We must remember one thing that if the more accurate and in-depth information is provided, it will be easier for the viewers and the purchasers to determine if the used car is appropriate or not.

One can save used car advertising and view this list later to compare cars for sale and select the one that best fits their needs. They offer a broad selection of cars and most offer less expensive and older model cars. There are innumerable different websites where a person can advertise his vehicle on. The Internet has made it possible for any person to look up used car classifieds, find a particular ad and contact the seller. Used car classifieds on the Internet have made selling a far simpler process than before.

The major benefit of online used car advertising is that the advertisement can reach to the number of people. Any interested buyer with Internet access can find the ad, check the car out, and contact the seller if the potential buyer has become interested. The online used car classifieds also have the added benefit of helping a seller by determining an appropriate price for the vehicle for sale.

The Internet has enabled us to modify our search criteria in order to view only the exact results we are interested in. One can compare used vehicles side by side and the reviews and other resources of used car or any other vehicle are available at the site. There is little doubt that used car classifieds on the Internet are excellent tools for anyone who wishes to sell or buy any vehicle. Whether the purpose is for research or for selling the vehicle, online used car advertising are the best option.

Double You

I need to know if there are any used car dealerships in or near Tallahassee because I am thinking of buying a car. I am also looking for quality car dealerships not those that have cars that seem to be pulled right out of the local dumpster.

Paul A Buchanan

Used car dealerships present the option for people that do not wish to buy a brand new car. The main thing that drives this industry is the money savings people can take advantage of when buying used instead of buying new. A new car immediately loses value the second you drive it off the lot. Let other people take that loss in value by buying a certified pre-owned car.

A common misconception is that used cars carry much more problems than buying brand new from a dealership. This isn’t true considering all the checks and measures your used car lot takes to make sure the car that they are selling is completely suitable and in perfect working order. In many cases these used vehicles still have an existing warranty on them, or you have the option of purchasing a warranty to make you feel confident you won’t have any costly repairs down the road.

One major benefit a used car dealership presents to people is budget options. People can choose from highly expensive cars to very affordable economical cars on the same lot. This simply gives customers more options, and people really like to have these types of options. A used car dealership can also save people from taking many trips to many different dealerships because they carry different brand named vehicles at all times.

Customer service is a major consideration when it comes to the employees and owners of a used car dealership. Their mission is to find the right car, for the right person, and sell it to them at the right price. If their customers aren’t happy, they will lose business. This is why these types of dealerships are much friendlier than corporate owned new car lots.

Used cars simply save people money. This savings can be from the overall price of the car, and the insurance cost of a car. Used cars are cheaper on insurance than when you buy brand new. There is also more room in the price a vehicle to haggle with, instead of paying the brand new car premium that other dealerships have.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you should take a second glance at cars that are used. Many cars for sale that are used come off a lease, which means low miles and that it was highly maintained. This presents the best buy for a customer. No matter what your budget is, or what type of vehicle you are in the market for, a used car lot has the best chance of suiting your needs.

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