I would like to buy a used car from a private seller. I know i’ll need the car’s log book and up-to-date tax disk, but is there anything else I need from the seller?

Alexander R

I want to buy a used Saturn Ion. What is the maximum mileage a car should have for me to consider buying it?


I am currently a college student and I thinking of starting a car dealership after I graduate, but I have Completely NO Idea how to gain the knowledge to do so effectively.

1) Where would I learn stuff like how to negotiate good deals with auctions and customers, & general biz operations etc.

2 Also, how much do u think it would cost to start a used dealership?

To all the dealership owners/employees/knowledgeable people what advice would you give me? Thanks!

No Looking Back

I have a little money saved and I need a used car ASAP! I want one from a car lot, but I cant pay for the tags and plates.


I want to open up a used car dealership, something small under 25 cars for now I’m sure. So what my real question is maybe, do I need to start a business or get a license to sell cars? Do I need a lot? Can I just do it from home?

Stranger Danger

I’ll be looking for used cars around $3500 or less for sale by private parties and I’m not too knowledgeable about engines. What are some pointers for things to look for. How can you tell if there are leaks besides looking on the ground under the car?

Joi P

I have a Dodge Caravan that has towed around 3 kids for 7 years. Would like a deep cleaning like when used car dealers prep their cars for sell and it looks like a new car. (not just a wash)
What’s the best way to find someone who can do this for me? Should I just start calling dealers and ask them to refer me to who they use?

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Easy◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌

I have about 6500 to spend on a used car. I’m looking at Jeep Liberty or Ford Mustang. I found a 2005 Jeep Liberty with 91,000 miles on it. It has a 3.7 V6, and it looks great. Is that too much mileage? What is the most amount of mileage I should consider when buying a used car? Also, I found a 2000 Mustang with low miles, but it is ten years old, should I consider that one?


I am buying a used car from someone today, they have the title, what do I need to do to transfer it over to me? Should I pay cash or money order, whats safer?

525 B

I am working p/t and trying to struggle my way through college and saving some money on the side. I like selling things to make profit, what do I need to become a used car dealer ? I know I will have to rent a little parking lot or something and have the funds to buy some used cars to start but how can I get the used car plates, licenses and stuff ? Thanks!

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