Andrew Kosinski

One bone of contention with car leasing is that you have to pay a car lease tax, even with used car leasing. This tax can be a bit high, depending where you are, and usually falls within five to 15 percent. Naturally, the higher the cost of the vehicle – the higher the cost in taxes you are going to pay. So, how can you keep costs down?

Get A Used Car
With a used car, you are going to be paying less for your taxes as a result. As for how to lease a used car, it is the same as leasing a new car but with less costs. Used cars usually have more favorable contract conditions as well, and if this is your first car, it is a good bet to go with a used car.

Pay Less Up Front
If you can, try and get zero down leases. That way, you won’t have to pay that in addition to the car lease tax with used car leasing. There are many companies that offer no money down on their car leases, so it is important you make the effort to find them.

Other Options
Here are some other options you have to get great lease deals on cars that will lower how much you pay for taxes.

* Get smaller length terms on your lease
* Negotiate options for lower tax costs with the dealership
* Negotiate lower monthly payments for lower tax costs

These three options can help you with your lease tax problems, especially when you are looking at used car leasing.