I bought a used car and it doesnt have a registration yet.
How long do I have to wait to get it registered and get the license plates?


I just bought a used car, the title was just signed over to me, what to I do next?

Michael L

I am thinking about buying a car. I won’t know if I’m buying this used car until I go look at it. How do I drive it home, if I won’t have car insurance at the moment that I buy it?
Is just seems sort of crazy to buy car insurance before I actually own a car.

Society Freak

My insurance company said they need the car title before they can give me insurance on the car. This doesn’t make any sense, the dealer say they cannot hold on to the car once it’s bought because it’s not their responsbility anymore. But I need to buy the car to get the title and the title won’t be processed for 1-2 weeks. So once I buy the car I need to take it home but that means driving without insurance, what’s going on here is it okay?


Im 17 yrs old, and about to move out.. My mother is not to happy with this so she is keeping my car. Now I have to buy my own car and pay the insurance as well, what kind of cars should I start looking at? Used of course, but what types of cars would be cheapest to insure?

Andrew K

I recently had my car stolen. It’s a very hard thing to deal with especially since it’s a very expensive car. It was a Mercedes Benz S550 and I had spent a little over $95 thousand on it. I live in Los Angeles and the LAPD have told me that there are so many car thefts that it’s almost impossible to find stolen cars. Insurance covers the cars cost but what’s important to me is that inside the car I had some family pictures and some of mother and fathers personal belongings that I’d like returned… Is there any chance the thief is stupid enough to try and sell the car?


This is for receiving a gift of a used car from relatives in Kansas that would be delivered through a car shipping company to Massachusetts. Thanks so much


I have a 1993 Nissan NX which was in a decent condition and never gave me any problems. Recently it got rear-ended. The other party’s insurance took the responsibility and asked me to get an estimate. The estimate says the repair costs are about $5000 and the mechanic thinks the insurance company will buy the car from me. What price would they pay me for the car?

I am a student and wasn’t planning on buying a new car. What price should I be happy with. I paid about $2800 8 months ago for the car. Would they be willing to negotiate. If yes, how do I negotiate?

way wall

I am buying a used car from a private party. I know my local sales tax rate is 8.25% which will be used to compute the use tax. How will california dmv determine the sale price on which to apply the 8.25% tax rate? Do they used edmunds or kbb to get a ballpark? Or whatever I fill out on the registration form?

Jessica M

Even on a used car or is that only with new cars?

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