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Chicago insurance companies tend to set an average driving amount for each car type. Insurance companies normally charge more for high-performance cars because of their increased susceptibility to accidents and theft. As a general rule of thumb, there is some flexibility in the types and amount of coverage you need for a used car, but Chicago has insurance laws and you will need some kind of coverage regardless of what it is worth.

Chicago law states that you have to carry liability insurance. It provides financial protection from claims when you cause an accident that results in bodily injuries to other people or damage their property. The feeling is that if you caused the problem, you insurance should compensate victims. Because liability fees can be high (way beyond what you have to have), you might consider taking out a greater amount of liability coverage. In Chicago, collision and comprehensive insurance is optional. It covers physical damages to your vehicle form a crash of fire or falling object, etc.). If you’ve purchased an older used car, this type of insurance is expensive and probably not necessary.

In Chicago, like any other big city, it is important to update the information that your insurance company has on fine for you, your car and your driving record. You may be eligible for a rate reduction if you have gotten married, moved to the suburbs, no longer insure a younger driver, installed an anti-theft device, or if it has been at least three years since your last violation.

Used car insurance rates can vary widely by hundreds of dollars from company to company because of various claims experience, cost of doing business. Car insurance is priced to cover the costs of accidents that may happen in the future. Information about the past claims experience is used to see the future of a company.

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In this time of recession, many people are not buying new cars. The majority of people want to save money and for that reason they are purchasing used cars. Since the recession hit the global economies, the sales of used cars have gone up. Insurance companies too, looking to seize this new untapped market, have devised new plans for providing used car insurance.

Used car insurance is slightly different from new car insurance. The policy of used car insurance differs in several aspects from a new one. First and foremost, the policy rates on certain insurance kinds are changed. A comprehensive insurance policy rate will be lower than the rate for a new car. Because, a used car costs less so obviously its insurance coverage and premiums would be less at the same time. When asking for an insurance cover quote, it is advisable to consider for a lower deductible amount. This will mean that you will have to pay less to insure a used car on monthly basis. So, for a used car comprehensive insurance coverage is recommended.

Collision coverage for used cars is certainly not a good idea. Simply because your car costs less and has inexpensive parts, you can opt out of collision coverage and pay for any damages caused during any accident from you pocket. In this way, you can save money on paying monthly payments.

Liability insurance for used cars is certainly very much recommended as an old or used car can cause the same amount of damage as a new car. So, in case your old car hits a new car and causes the new car damage, liability coverage will be able to cover for any costs resulting out of accidents.

For people, who have really inexpensive used cars, for examples cars which are less than two thousand dollars, car owners should get only liability insurance. Because, then you will not be paying for monthly deductibles for a collision insurance. As paying monthly premium, payments will eventually cause you to pay for more than the actual cost of the car.

All the other factors remain the same of getting lower rates on insurance. You need to have proper documentation and a good previous history. The make and model of the used car is another variable that the insurance companies will consider before offering a lower quote. It will also be better if you have a used car which is not too old. The make and model of the used car should not be older than ten to fifteen years as most insurance companies will not be insuring cars that are too old because of their lack of availability of parts.

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So, you’re buying a used car, and are starting to look into some of the surrounding logistics, including car insurance. Insuring a used car requires a bit of a different decision making process than insuring a new car, but its not really that complicated. You just need to understand what the different components of car insurance are, and which ones you need to have, and which ones you might be able to do without as a used car owner.

First of all, though, let me state that yes, you absolutely need insurance for any car, new or used. It’s the law, and there is no getting around it. However, the most commonly required base level insurance is what is known as liability insurance. Liability insurance covers you against damages that you might be liable for in the event of an accident. For example, if you hit someone else and cause damage, you will be liable for this damage. With your insurance policy, the insurance company will be able to pay out to the required parties. This level of coverage is required, whether your car is new or used.

Things become a little fuzzier when you get to things like collision and comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance helps to repair or replace your car in the event of an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers your for things like weather damage, theft, vandalism, and more.

So, do you need these types of coverage for a used car? It really depends. If you’re driving a clunker, you can most likely do without these, since your premiums are likely to cost you much more than just buying another car would after a few years. However, if you’re driving a newer, few years old used car, these insurance policies can help protect your car against these issues.

In fact, it really all comes to your personal risk tolerance and preferences. As long as you have the insurance level required by law, whether or not you get extra coverage depends on how you feel about taking the risk of replacing the car yourself balanced with the expense of the insurance premium. Many people like to “self insure” by placing the money they would have spent on extra premiums into a special savings account to repair or replace the car in the event of an accident, theft, or other event.

So, I hope this gives you some idea of what you’re looking at in terms of choosing insurance for your used car. If you’re financing your used car, you’ll probably be required to fully insure the car, but otherwise, the decision is really up to you, as long as you meet the minimum legal requirements. Good luck in your decision making, and enjoy that money saving used car!

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If you’ve ever been to a public car auction then you’ll know that it’s very standard and simple. Upon arriving at a public auction you’ll be required to present some id and sign in. You’ll be given a number so you can start bidding on items during the day. Usually at public car auctions you’ll be allowed to inspect the cars before they go on auction.

When inspecting cars make sure you know a little bit about cars first. Each car will have an information tab that will tell you what’s wrong with it if there is a problem. These public car auctions have to tell you if the car is in good condition or not. But never fear if you buy a car from an auction and it won’t work even if it says it’s in good conditioning you’re covered under their terms and conditions.

We now understand public car auctions but what about online car auctions and what’s the difference?

There’s not much difference between how they work however the biggest difference is that you won’t be inspecting the cars before you buy them so it’s like buying clothes on the internet not knowing if it fits right. However and this is a big however, you’re allowed to send any cars you buy online back if it has been misrepresented, now if you’re wondering that the benefits are of buying from cars from an online auction here it is:

- Search for cars without having to go to the auction sites

- Bid for them in your own time from anywhere around the world

- Your protected by the online car auction for misrepresentation

- There are 4 top websites that consistently have auctions going every week

So if you’re interested in buying cars from public auctions you now have two ways to do so. Join this site now and get access to thousands of good quality cars at unbelievable low prices.

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