Jayson N Park

Government used car auctions are one of the most reliable places for you to look for a new car. You will typically find that all cars have a title with them that is checked for liens before purchase, which will ensure you are getting a car that is not only cheap, but also free and clear so that you can begin to enjoy it immediately.

Ask Questions

Not all auctions that sell cars are government used car auctions. In fact, there are many auction houses that are in no way affiliated with the government at all. To find a real government auction, check online to verify the auction house, or simply ask around locally about other people’s experience with the dealer. In some cases, you may find that the car didn’t come with any paperwork, causing delays in getting the car out and onto the road. If you are concerned about the paperwork, all you really need to do is ask whether or not the car will come with a free and clear title.

Also, make sure that you assess the car for damage, or ask about previous ownership. Typically, you will find that government car auctions are a great place to find cars that are in good working order, but that is not always the case. In most auctions, you can start the car, check the tires and engine and even bring in your own mechanic to look at the car for you to ensure you are getting a dependable car at an affordable price.

Auction Premiums and Fees

In most government car auctions, there are no registration fees unless an outside auction company has been hired to run the auction. You will find out about any registration fees before you bid, however, so there are no surprises after you have won an auction. To register for an auction, you should be prepared with your valid driver’s license, and be over the age of eighteen to bid. Fees can vary depending on the auction house that you use.

Unlike registration fees, buyer’s premiums and fees for online auctions will depend on the auction house or site that you are using to bid. In some cases, a buyer’s premium can be up to ten percent of the total sale, which will be added onto the winning bid. When using a website to bid, you may be asked to pay a fee to use the site before you are allowed to bid. Each type of fee is uniquely associated with the website that you have chosen to use, so you may want to consider shopping around for a site that is affordable.


Most government car auctions do not offer any kind of warranty on their car, but some online auction sites will guarantee their car for a certain length of time after the sale date. In addition, you may be able to purchase an extended warranty immediately after buying the car to ensure you are covered just in case something goes wrong. Even though most cars are these auctions are reliable, it is a good idea to cover all your bases.