Cole Rees

No matter if it is a first time purchase for a young person who has recently graduated from high school and is heading off to university, a second family car or a replacement vehicle due to an accident, there are many options that vary greatly when it comes to new and used car buying. There is not time or space to cover every single difference between the purchase of a new car or used one but there are some buying options that can make the difference between whether the decision is for a brand new car that has not been previously owned or driven or a used car that has had a previous owner but is still in good condition.

A new car is often the preference for the benefit of a make and model that is sparkling fresh and belonging to no one previously. Purchasing a new vehicle means getting all of the bells and whistles that this latest model includes along with the factory and dealer warranties that are include. Contrasting to a used car, however, a new car purchase carries a higher price tag the majority of the time. In other words, while a new car will make you the talk of the town and the envy of your neighbours, it will also take a bite out of your bank balance for a long time to come.

Used car buying options are not without advantages though, for those who do not want to make the long term commitment to the expense of a new car, take note: Many used cars on the market are still very new and still have warranties and service maintenance plans that will cover them for a certain number of miles after the purchase. Price is usually the main feature that is beneficial for purchasing a used car rather than buying a new car off the assembly line. Used cars also offer a wider range as many people turn in a vehicle to purchase a new one every year with many being in near new condition.

The best way to make an adequate comparison of new and used car buying options is to start with your preferences of what you want and need in a car. Next weigh the pros and cons of both new and used car buying choices. Finally consider your budget; knowing how much you can afford may make the difference between buying a used car or a new one.

Save money by purchasing used cars at car dealerships where you could get a lot of money off the cost of your next car as well as servicing and guarantees against any problems or damage that may arise.