I have a large dead tree in my backyard that has a couple of limbs hanging over the neighbors yard. I have been wanting to remove the tree but he has an old junk car (not tagged or insured) underneath the limbs. A month ago, I asked if he could move the car so I could cut the tree down. He said the car has no engine. He brushed the question off and did not say yes or no. It would only be a matter of time before the whole tree came down and caused more damage so I decided to take the tree down with the car there. I told the neighbor they were coming to cut it down in 3 days.I had a friend cut it for me. They used a rope to lower the branches that were hanging over his car. While they were taking the branches off one of them fell and hit his car, and left a dent about the diameter of an orange. Am I going to have to repair this old piece of junk? The tree would have fell on it anyway, and he had the option to move th car and didnt. Car is worth maybe $500. He has no homeowners insurance.