Veronica Scott

One of the main concerns that people have when purchasing a used car is whether or not it is mechanically dependable. While of course most consumers want their cars to look great, the real purpose of having a vehicle in the first place is to have access to a reliable source of transportation. Used cars may be older than their newer counterparts, but they have the potential to run just as well. When purchasing a used car, or when simply taking care of a car that you have owned for years, there are a few key steps to be taken if you wish to keep your automobile running like new.

• Perform preventative maintenance. Getting your car tuned up and checked out on a regular basis can detect issues before they become major problems. Weaknesses in the engine and other parts of the car, if caught early, may be easier and less expensive to correct than if they are fixed after they have caused some serious damage. A routine maintenance plan can work wonders for the lifespan of your car.

• Change the oil regularly. Oil changes allow your car to run at its optimum level. As a lubricant, oil allows the parts of the engine to move smoothly and to run without interference. If you do not change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on the needs of your vehicle, it could become dirty or even run out, leaving your engine prone to damage from both the oil itself and the consequences of friction in the motor. This will result in the wear and tear of your engine and, if you go too long without having the oil properly changed, you may have to replace the entire motor.

• Keep the tires properly inflated. Flat tires are obvious and are almost always fixed right away, but do you ever put any thought into the air level of your tires if they are not flat? Having too much or too little air can strain the vehicle and cause it to run at an inefficient rate, meaning that your car will go through fuel more quickly. Keeping the air at a proper pressure level will keep your used car running at its best and can even make the driving experience more enjoyable, as the car will be easier to control and will offer the driver a lower level of resistance.

• Do not push the performance of your vehicle. If you have a truck then transporting heavy materials is fine, but do not try to overload your sedan and expect it to run perfectly. Different kinds of cars are designed for different types of driving, so be sure that you utilize your automobile in the proper manner. Used cars have the potential to continue to run like new for years on end, but it is up to the owners to maintain its ability to provide reliable transportation. By addressing the needs of your car, and by following the tips listed above, you can keep your used car running for a surprisingly long time.