Veronica Scott

Used cars have many perks, such as dependability at a great price. But sometimes you have to sacrifice a few of the more aesthetic characteristics if you decide to go with a vehicle that is a few years old. Some of these may be deal breakers, such as torn seats, deep gouges, and long scratches, but some of them can be overlooked or even fixed. If you have your eye on a used car but are hesitant about finalizing the purchase because of its faded or dull paint job do not let a little sun damage ruin your chances at purchasing a great car at a wonderful price! With a little care, you can have the paint gleaming.

A new paint job can cost a significant amount of money, from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending upon what kind of work is needed, and you of course do not want to sink that kind of cash into a used car that you are still making payments on. Besides, faded paint does not necessarily have to be completely covered with a fresh coat– with a little elbow grease and the right products you can have your used car shining like new by the end of the weekend.

The first thing you want to do is wash the car. Use a mild soap, preferably something made specifically for automobiles, and make sure that you change the water out frequently. By scrubbing your car with dirty water you can actually contribute to the dullness of the paint job. Particles of dirt can wreak havoc on the top coat, so be sure that you constantly monitor the cleanliness of the water. After a thorough rinse to get all of the soap off, go ahead and let the car dry. The best way to dry your car, without further damaging the paint from the sun or spreading around pieces of lint, is to use a squeegee or a cloth that is specially made for drying cars.

Once the car is dry you will want to get ready to apply wax. The shelves of car supply stores and regular all-purpose stores like Target and Wal-Mart are lined with different brands of the product, so be sure that you choose one that specifically addresses the needs of your car. Take care to follow the instructions that come with the wax you buy, as they may vary slightly between brands. Additionally, some brands offer a product that restores the black trim on your vehicle, and utilizing this product can really improve the aesthetic appeal of your used car.

After waxing your car it should shine like new. However, if you want to keep it looking this good there are a few things you should remember. First, try to park in a covered area out of the sun. If covered parking is not available try to keep your car out from under trees, which can drop sap, twigs, and other things that will really harm your car’s paint. When shopping for a used car remember that a faded paint job can be easily revamped and restored.