Used car market in India is growing rapidly with the growth of new car market. In the present era most of the car owners especially young drivers drive a particular car for about three to five years and then exchange their used car for a new car. This has not only given a boom to the new car market but has also fostered the used car market in the country.

When it comes to buying a second hand car in India there are many options open for buyers both in terms of used cars and used car sellers. There are many used cars for sale in India and many dealers that offer the best used cars at a cost-effective price. If anyone wants to buy used car in India then there are certain things one should know to get a perfect pre-owned car.

Here are top 10 tips to buy used car in India:

In the first place you have to decide which car you exactly want and what the price you can pay for it.  The choice of car depends on your needs and requirements. If you are a family of two then a small car like Alto and Spark will be best for you but if you have a huge family of 7 or 8 people then a MUV like Toyota Innova is a good option for you. Analyze your needs before you fix on your used car. Then you have to do a market research on the used car that you decide to buy. You should be well aware of the car’s market value, its resale value, and its reliability as well as demand in the market. After that you need to check the source through which you can buy the second hand car with ease. There are higher chances of getting fleeced when buying a used car and therefore you should be cautious and choose a source that you can rely on. You can select the internet where you can find many Indian car portals that offer a good opportunity to buy used car in India with a hassle free process. Then you have a number of authorized dealer and personal referrals. Many big brands like Maruti, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai also have their used car outlets that offer you warranties, car finance, car insurance, and quality service on used cars. You can judge yourself what is the best option for you. Then you have to think as to whether you are capable to make the entire payment or whether you will take car loan for used car. There are many financing companies so you need to check the interest rate that they offer and choose the best one for yourself. Once you get some of the best sources to check for used cars you can contact them and have a test drive of few of the selected car models. There are many second hand cars in India and you cannot obviously test drive all. So choose few of the models that you desire to own. While testing and verifying the car check the entire history of the car and also evaluate the condition, mileage and performance. Never go for buying a modified car or a repainted car. Then check all the documents of the car that you decide to buy. Check the RTO tax receipt, original registration certificate, insurance papers, original invoice, and the service bills of the car. Don’t forget to tally the VIN number of the car with the one mentioned in the registration certification. This will help to verify whether the car and the seller are authentic. In Indian used car market there are chances of getting cheated so be cautious and don’t end up buying a stolen car. Most of the cars that are stolen in India usually have the odometer tampered. It is a very common malpractice in the used car market. Check the date of tyre manufacturer and the service records to ensure that the odometer is not tampered. If you don’t have much knowledge on cars then ask a mechanic to do so. Have a trusted mechanic look at the car and check the overall condition of the car. Once you are satisfied with the working and condition of the car finalize the deal with the seller.

10. Negotiate to your best to get the best deal and then complete all the paper work and legal formalities.